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Hi, I’m Greg Horgan and this page will give you a bit of an idea of who I am, how I practice and why I practice as I do. As such, what you see here today is really a work in progress. Seems to me the older I get the more I learn and the more I understand what it means to be healthy and well.

So, my story is broken into two parts: the “details” you need to know and the “philosophy” that you might wish to know, before you make an appointment with me.

The Details

I graduated, with First Class Honours, from the Australian Acupuncture College (AAC) in September 1987. Soon after that I established my practice in Ballarat (my hometown). In 1988 I was offered a teaching position at the AAC. Over the next 4 years I served on the Academic Board and became a Senior Lecturer.

In 1992 I was part of the team that established the first Government accredited University Degree in Acupuncture (at Victoria University, Melbourne), outside mainland China. Over the next 5 years I taught in this course and also coordinated the Clinical Training Program. All the while I maintained my own private practice in Ballarat.

In 1997 I gave the teaching up to focus on my practice and raising a young family. I returned for a short while to Academia (at the then Australian College of Natural Medicine), before deciding that my expertise and passion lay in clinical practice, here I have remained to this day and hope to for many more years to come.

During the intervening years I have kept up a steady pace of new and interesting learning in the field of
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). As such, I am also an accredited Master Practitioner of NLP and an accredited ACT Therapist. For some years now I have also offered Life Coaching - as a separate and unique service. You can learn more about this service over at my dedicated Life Coaching site - greghorgan.com. What I ache learned from NLP & ACT also form an integral part of my Acupuncture practice; and always will.

The stye of Acupuncture I practice is know in the profession as
5 Elements Acupuncture. This style of Acupuncture is a very classical style and focusses very much on assisting people to find balance and harmony in their lives. Its main focus is to balance what is imbalanced and strengthen that which is weak, and this in turn reminds the body-mind-spirit how to restore and heal itself. There is far less emphasis on symptoms and far more emphasis on Balance.

In addition to my Acupuncture qualifications, I also hold the following Degree, Diplomas, Certificates & Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts (LaTrobe University, Melbourne, 1979)
  • Diploma of Education (LaTrobe University, Melbourne1980)
  • Diploma of Dietetics & Nutrition (QINS, Brisbane 1983)
  • Certificate of Oriental Massage (AAC Melbourne, 1985)
  • Certificate of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Inspiritive, Sydney, 2002)
  • Master Certificate of Neuro Linguistic Programming (LeaderVision, Melbourne, 2003)

I am a registered Practitioner of Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture: Australian Health Practitioners Agency (AHPRA).

The Guiding Philosophy

For as long as I can remember I have been driven by the following passions; they form the framework of my philosophical paradigm.

The first is learning. Learning is very important to me; it always has been. It began when I was very young, with a fascination for the human body and how it worked, and moved on from there. I am driven by a desire to understand the meaning of life, health and wellness.

The second passion comes out of the first. I am driven by a personal passion to achieve health, wellness and meaning in my life, the lives of others and the life of the planet. For me, they are all interconnected. One does not exist without the others.

Thirdly, I am driven by a passion to look after the planet. I cannot conceive of health and wellness without health and wellness of this wonderful planet. I would like my children and their children to grow up in a world that cares about its home.

That's me and I'm happy to assist you to achieve meaning, health and wellness in your life. Now it's over to you.

And … the other stuff

Although I have worked as an Acupuncturist for 30 years, I have always pursued other work and interests outside this field. Why? Back in the early eighties I had the pleasure of listening to a talk given by Patch Adams (the guy whose story Robin Williams made into a movie). He was of the view that those in the healing profession should always have another job; so that they could keep themselves well-grounded. I have followed this philosophy to this day.

In the beginning it was as a secondary school teacher - my first profession. Then I worked as a TAFE teacher, private college lecturer and a University lecturer (Acupuncture). The past 10 years I have worked in community education at a number of Local Learning centres. I teach seniors - and others - Multimedia, computing and iPads.

In my spare time (yep! I do have some) I am an avid landscape photographer and digital artist (the latter combining my love of the digital world and photography). I have had a camera in my hand since I was 12 years old, but followed the dictates of my era and never took it up as a "
real job". I'm glad I didn't; I probably would have abandoned it out of frustration. My latest exploits see me taking up pencil and paper to learn how to draw. I'm loving this.

Did I mention I also have a passion for walking, reading, listening to music, the environment, Neuroplasticity and String Theory (modern physics for the uninitiated).

I guess the motivation for including this section is to show that all things are connected; that work, play, hobbies and interests are all essential ingredients for a healthy sense of wellbeing and a life well lived.

Health is so much more than visiting your practitioner, eating the right food and getting plenty of exercise.

Greg Horgan

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