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It's Autumn! Time to Reflect and Prepare

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Autumn is the time to take time. It is the time to reflect on where you have been and where you would like to go. It is the time of year when you reap the harvest of your labour and begin to store them for the winter ahead. For instance, if you are a gardner you will know that the beginning of Autumn is when the late fruits and vegetables of summer have ripened and you are making jams, sauces and preserves. It is the time to stockpile for the Winter ahead.

In traditonal societies it is the time of year when one begins to eat wholesome earthy foods (those grown in the ground and of a yellow/orange colour - the colour of Autumn) It is not coincidental that these foods also contain the perfect ingredients for protecting us from the ailments of winter - the colds and flus, aches and pains; stiffness and congestion.

It is the time to move more inwards - literally and metaphorically. In Summer we are out there and doing stuff. It is the time of year for outward expression . Autumn, on the other hand, is traditionally the time of year when we focus more on the inner life. It is the time for reflection and meditation. We still need the healing powers of exposure to nature - by taking those early morning crisp walks; followed up by a warm breakfast.

We replace salads with soups and sandwiches with toast. We eat roasted vegetables instead of lettuce and cold cuts. We make pastas and casseroles and drink warm tea, chocolate or coffee) instead of juices and cold water. All these foods and activities fit with the needs of our approaching winter. They prepare our bodies and our minds for the chill ahead.

If you need some help preparing for Autumn or simply want some down to earth advice on how to make the most of the seasons I am always just a phone call or a text message away: 0419 375 596
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