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Breathe! It's Spring

Spring is the beginning of the seasonal cycles. It is the time of rebirth. It is the time to plant seeds to grow food for Summer. It is also the time to plant metaphorical seeds (ie new ideas, planning holidays, having weddings, spring clean outs etc.).

Spring is also the time to take a new breathe and reassess where your life is taking you, or you would like to take it. So here is a simple Spring exercise that will prepare your body and your mind for what is to come.

Stop reading for a moment, take a deep breathe through your nose (all the way down to the bottom of your stomach); relax and slowly let that breathe come all the way out; stop for a moment and feel your body relaxing into the breathe.

Repeat this several times throughout the day. And notice how powerful this simple exercise is.

There is an old saying in Chinese Medicine, learn how to breathe and you cure the 1,000 illnesses.

The image to your right was provided by and the photographer's's page can be found here: Le Minh Phuong

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