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It's Summer! Time to take action

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If Spring is the beginning of the seasonal cycles, then Summer is the pinnacle. Summer is for getting outside and doing things. It is the time of year when the energy is at its peak.

Eat a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruit and drink plenty of water. Turn off the screens and get outside after work or study and enjoy the sun and fresh air.

What you do now will have a lasting effect on how your health and wellbeing pan out over the coming year. Eat well, sleep well and move well and the winter will be taken care of..

It is also the time of year to act on your plans. In Spring you should have sown the seeds (of new ventures, new ideas, exercise programs, holidays, etc.); Summer becomes the season of ripening. It is the time of year when we take action.

It is also the time of year you can run out of steam - if you have not looked after yourself during the past year. If this is you, then it might be time to book in for a little energy boosting Acupuncture.

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